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David HaMelech, 1 Herzliya
The Forum Building

מרכז וטרינרי ינשוף - רפואה חכמה

The Veterinary Center was established by veterinarians, Dr. Hila Farber Weissman and Dr. Elad Shapira-Gal, in order to provide Sharon residents with advanced and professional veterinary medical care. At the Veterinary Medicine Center, you can enjoy routine and comprehensive tests, preventative treatments, vaccinations, sterilization of dogs and neutering of dogs, various operations, emergency cases and more. We are committed to providing you and your pet with the most professional, reliable and professional treatment, accompanied by a lot of attention and warm and personal attention. The clinic provides emergency veterinarian services and 24/7 telephone response by experienced veterinarians from the clinic staff. If necessary, it is possible to receive medical treatment by a veterinarian 24 hours a day, even during the hours when the clinic is inactive.
You are welcome to consult with us on any subject, deliberation and / or question – we will always be at your service.

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